Piquet, 3 Les Cantarelles – 26570 MONTBRUN-LES-BAINS


Starting from Montbrun-les-Bains, you can choose from over 160 km of VTT trails and over 260 km of hiking trails. Maps and guidebooks are available from the regional tourist office. They can also provide you with information on other activities in the area.
In Mévouillon you will find the parasailing school where you can avail of the opportunity to view the Provençe region from the air. The thermal currents will take you on a trip from the mountainside and up into the sky where you will feel as free as bird.
Horse riding
Explore the region on horseback.
In the immense caves of Saint-Christol and Sault.
Mountain climbing
Explore the region’s canyons with an experienced “Guide de Haute Montagne”
Okay, fantastic all these activities, but you can also choose to just sit back and do nothing if you prefer and allow the wonderful calm of nature to wash over you. Also an excellent ‘activity’!
A bientôt!