The village of Sault is situated on a rocky spur, in a plain consisting of fields of wheat, spelt and lavender that is revealed at the end of a bend. Just 26 km from the top of Mont Ventoux, cyclists climb the Giant of Provence by the sweetest route!
The first documented human presence dates back to prehistoric times and never stopped growing until the 19th century.

The local products of the land Sault are as numerous as they are varied: honey, lamb from the land Sault, Ventoux pork grown in the open air and its charcuterie, white nougat, black and macaroons, goat cheese, aromatic plants, lavender and its derivatives.


A historical centre of discovery through the village “1h in the footsteps of the wolf” shows the remains of the imposing medieval castle, the ramparts, and evokes the marked route through the life of saltésiens the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century.

Municipal Museum of Sault:
Founded in 1859 by Henri Chrestian, one of the oldest in Provence, it contains prehistoric collections, Gallo-Roman, medieval, mineralogical, a mummy of Egyptian artifacts, weapons and a series of paintings by the local artist, Evariste of Valernes. You will also find a rich library with thousands of books of all times.
Open in July and August from Monday to Saturday from 15h to 18h – Tel. : +33 4 90 64 02 30.

Vallon lavender distillery:
Production and distillation of essential oils of lavender and lavender, at home on the farm to help you learn the secrets of distilling, flower essential oil… Discover the traditional method distillery working with lavender straw at home.
Free visit.
Tel. +33 4 90 64 14 83 – Mail:
Aroma’plantes distillery:
Production and distillation of aromatic and medicinal plants, lavender and lavandin, floral waters; also production of small spelt de high Provence in organic farming.
Free guided tour of the distillery, lavandoscope, discovery tours, aromatic’bar, entertainment.
Tel. +33 4 90 64 14 73 or +33 4 90 64 04 02 – Mail:

Lavender Farm:
Visit of the lavandicole farm and presentation of the greenhouse garden on reservation in July-August.
Tel. : +33 4 90 64 00 24.

Savonnerie in Provence:
Production demonstration, video room, factory shop of soaps and cosmetic products with essential oils.

Nougaterie Boyer:
In July-August: visit workshops and explanation of the production process of white nougat, black nougat and small spelt pastries. Tasting and showing of a film about the history of the house of André Boyer.

The path to lavender Sault (2 km from the village to Mont Ventoux):

signposted lap of 5.3 km (about 1h30 walk in the sun), surrounded by lavender fields with information boards, family level. Parking after the distillery of Vallon.

In the forests of Deffends to Sault (2 km from the village to Saint-Trinit on the D950):

3 walks of 45 minutes to 2:30 walk, pleasant, shady, easy to appreciate in any season.Outdoor pool at the sports complex. Tennis, 3 gravel courts + 1 mini short Sault the sports complex.